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You know that uncomfortable feeling every time you think about actually “marketing” your book? Or even worse –  gasp — selling your book? Yeah, that’s the one, in the pit of your stomach.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Part of the control you have over the publishing process as an indie author also gives you control over the marketing side of things — including author events. And notice I didn’t just reference book signings — it can be so much more than that.  Have fun with it, be creative!

I know of one author who held an event in a local gallery that showcased works by local artisans. Her book included a number of paintings and sketches, so the connection was clear. But it was also an opportunity to bring some new traffic to the gallery — like me — so it was a win for all parties. And another had the GREAT idea to hold a children’s book release in a local ice cream shop – HUGE win for the kids!

Looking for more ideas and tips on great author events? Publisher’s Weekly has a great article HERE.

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Submitted by David Braughler, 03/28/2016


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