That Was Then…

Having spent a majority of his work life pushing services and products that lacked inspiration (in another field), David Braughler sought a career that utilized both the analytical and creative sides of his brain. He found that working for a commercial printer who happened to have bookbinding equipment. As the field of self-publishing gained momentum and fought for credibility, David jumped in headfirst, working with his employer to develop self-publishing offerings for new authors. By listening carefully to his authors, and to the market at large, he spent the next six years helping hundreds of authors in the US, Europe, and Australia to publish their work.

Here & Now…

Four years ago – this month – with an investment of $20, David set out to create his own independent publishing company, one that would genuinely and authentically help new and repeat authors publish their work in a way that was respectful – and that made a difference. His continued passion for working with creative people, hearing the story behind their stories, why they wrote in addition to what they wrote is what sets this company apart.

Braughler Goes Beyond

David’s holistic approach to self-publishing is encouraged by the energy from the authors Braughler Books has been fortunate enough to work with. Braughler Books is determined to provide the best service possible which only enhances the final product – a beautiful story printed and bound.  In order to get there, the process relies on one an oft-underrated skill (and an underlying company value): listening.  In addition to listening to our client’s ideas and concerns, we seek to hear the unspoken vision of our clients.  While some books have a bigger impact than others, there’s never a time we won’t give it all we’ve got to hit it out of the park.

Five Minutes with our Founder

In honor of the four year anniversary of Braughler Books, we thought it would be fun to find out more about the Founder and President behind the books with a little Q&A and Lightning Round.  


Q: What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve received as an entrepreneur?

A:  “Don’t ever lose that sense of enthusiasm, David.”

Q: Why do you invest in Personal Development?

A:  I’m growing a business; the only way I can successfully do that is to grow myself as well. I read a lot of books, surround myself with SMART entrepreneurs and business owners, and spend time recharging to make sense of it all.

Q: How do you recharge?

A: Generally one of two ways; sitting on a shoreline somewhere, listening to the tide roll in, or taking a long motorcycle ride on a backcountry road somewhere (both clear my head better than anything else.)

Q: What do you do to ensure your strategic plans go from vision to reality?

A: Involve my team. It’s not just about having their help with implementation, it’s also because of the accountability factor, and the fact that I don’t always have the answer.

Q: What technology has made the biggest impact in your business?

A: The Cloud.

Q: When you’re not reading manuscripts by current and potential Braughler Books authors, what types of books do you read for pleasure?

A: I tend to read books falling into three categories: history, biography, and those dealing with human survival and extreme perseverance.

Q: What top 3 Business Books you would recommend?

A: War of Art (Pressfield), The Go-Giver (Mann and Burg), Shoe Dog (Knight)

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in business?

A: Building this company. It’s taken everything I have, sometimes more than I thought I had, and I’d do it all over again, given the chance.

Q: How do you define success?

A: Personal success for me is two-fold; it’s building a business that achieves the goals of financial success balanced with making a positive difference in the lives of our authors; and secondly, ensuring that business enables me to provide a good life for my family.

Q: What’s the legacy you hope to create?

A: Tough question to answer. Despite the past 4 years of business, I’m still figuring out what the business looks like. I’m so far into the day to day I can’t easily see a long term legacy yet. And on some level, I tend to think that a legacy is what’s left behind as determined by others – and isn’t something we can consciously choose.

Lightning Round

  • Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Instagram
  • Apple or Android? Android
  • Podcast or Audible? Podcast
  • Tea or Coffee? Coffee
  • Beer or Wine? Irish Whiskey
  • What’s better: the book version or the movie version? Book, of course.
  • Phone or Computer? Phone.
  • Beatles or Stones? Stones
  • Google or Bing? Google
  • Skyline or Goldstar? Skyline
  • City or Beach? Beaches of Lake Erie

Looking for a jolt of enthusiasm or someone to reignite your passion for writing, reading, or taking a leap of faith?  He’s just one email, contact form, or phone call away.

David Braughler
David Braughler - Braughler Books
David Braughler - Braughler Books