Crowdfunding With Publishizer

If you have selected Braughler Books to publish your book but cannot afford the costs, we may have a solution. We have an exclusive crowdfunding program with Publishizer that can enable you to raise the money needed to publish your book.


Publishizer assists by building a crowdfunding digital page on its website, which includes a video presentation by the author. Those contributing to the author’s funding drive get a copy of the book, either digital or print. The pre-orders are placed through Publishizer and are fulfilled by Braughler Books on the author’s behalf.

How to Get Started

1. Fill out the crowdfunding pitch form on Publishizer:
This will begin the process of preparing your work for a crowdfunding campaign, and alert Braughler Books that you are a candidate. You will work with Lee Constantine and his team at Publishizer to launch your crowdfunding campaign. They have useful templates, support from their agents, and tools and strategies to help you gain traction for your book idea.

2. Submit your manuscript to Braughler Books: how to submit it here/
We will set up a call to discuss your work, the publishing process, preorder campaign with Publishizer. We’re here to answer all of your questions and point out the ones you didn’t know to ask!The money you raise with Publishizer can be applied to marketing, fulfillment of preorders through printing and shipping, and other fees associated with your publication process. That process will teach you about book marketing, pre-order campaigns, and many other things related to publishing, and will prepare the way for the launch of your book.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey.