Author Marketing Services

Effective marketing is crucial for the success of an author’s new book. Without a strategic marketing plan, even the most well-written book can go unnoticed in a saturated market. Leveraging various marketing services such as social media promotion, live interviews, book tours, book reviews, release events, and influencer podcasts can significantly boost a book’s visibility and sales. There are a number of ways we can help!

Social Media Book Promotion

Social media platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram are essential tools for reaching a broad and diverse audience. They allow authors to connect with readers directly, create a buzz around the book, and engage with potential fans. By regularly posting updates, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and running targeted ads, authors can build anticipation and maintain interest in their book.

Silver Package

  • We will design and send posts featuring your book on the Braughler Books social media feeds – Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Each post will feature the cover of your book, custom written text enticing potential readers, and a link to purchase your book in our online store or Amazon

Gold Package

  • Your book will be read and reviewed by our Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Braughler Books will create an enticing social media post, including hashtags for your book
  • Your post and review will be shared on Instagram on the following feed: @compulsivereadersblog, which has more than 20,000 followers.

Promote Your Book on Our Instagram Feeds

Instagram Live Interviews offers a dynamic way to interact with audiences in real-time. By hosting a live interview, we’ll discuss your book with you, allowing you to discuss your book, share your writing process, and answer questions from viewers. This direct interaction helps you to build a personal connection with readers, making them more likely to purchase the book. Additionally, live sessions can be saved and shared, extending their reach beyond the initial broadcast.

Traditional book tours can be expensive and logistically challenging, but Instagram Live Book Tours provide a cost-effective alternative. This service will allow you to “visit” multiple cities and bookstores virtually, reaching a global audience from the comfort of their home. These virtual tours can include readings, Q&A sessions, and discussions about the book, making them engaging and interactive events that attract potential buyers.

Instagram Live Interview

  • You will be interviewed for 30 minutes in a Live Instagram feed
  • Braughler Books will host the interview, and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your book with our Social Media Marketing Manager
  • The interview will be shared on the following feed: @compulsivereadersblog, which has more than 20,000 followers

Instagram Live Book Tour

  • Braughler Books will pitch your book to Instagram influencers, securing approximately 15 to post about your book during a targeted week
  • This can be organized around a timely hook, or in advance of your release date
  • Fifteen copies of your book will be shipped to targeted influencers (we will cover the cost of the books and the shipping)
  • Our Social Media Marketing Manager will follow up with the targeted influencers to ensure coverage (an average of 80% will post)
  • Additionally, we will repost those influencer posts on the Braughler Books social feeds

Author Publicity Services / 1:1 Coaching

  • Our Social Media Marketing Manager will create a press kit and a target list of up to 50 targets (print, online media, social media influencers, niche media, local media, etc.) to pitch your book
  • We will create a publicity report that will help you see the posts and coverage received
  • This service can also include submitting your book for awards and trade reviews
  • Other options at this service level include 1:1 Pitching to Media Outlets, Researching and Lining up Podcast Interviews, Creation and Posting of TikTok videos, Author Coaching, having our Social Media Manager act as your publicist, etc. Contact us for specific needs.

Bookmarks for Your New Book

Having bookmarks to pass out at book signings and events are a great reminder about your book after leaving the event.

Your bookmarks will include an image of the front cover of your book, a brief description, and an indication of where to purchase a copy (Amazon, the Braughler Books Bookstore, etc.) We can also include links to your social media pages.

All bookmarks are 2″ x 7″ in size, printed on a heavy stock, and are full color on both sides. Prices include layout.

A high gloss finish really sets these off!


  • $1.88 per bookmark


  • Just $.79 per bookmark


  • Only $.41 per bookmark!
The combined impact of these various marketing strategies creates a multi-faceted approach that maximizes a book’s visibility and appeal. Social media promotion keeps the conversation going, live events and interviews build personal connections, reviews add credibility, and podcasts reach engaged and diverse audiences. By integrating these methods, Braughler Books can help you can create a buzz about your book, attract a loyal readership, and ultimately, sell more books!