The Little Book of Terror


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The Little Book of Terror is a treasure that defies easy classification: more than a collection of paintings, more than a compilation of piquant, compelling essays, it can be thought of as a secular missal, offering a new liturgy for observing the Rite of The Contrary.

The Little Book of Terror is a literary missile, as well—Daisy Rockwell’s searing images and carefully-crafted prose aim directly at the bloated heart of Imperial pretension.

On impact, Rockwell’s work makes rubble of propaganda passing as conventional wisdom, leaving in its place a new vista from which to consider the “Global War on Terror” and its complicated combatants.

For Rockwell’s legions of readers and admirers, The Little Book of Terror is a blast of a different kind: a stirring read, a poignant comment, and a collection of sights not soon forgotten.

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