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The Victorian and Edwardian Ladies’ Guide to Business and Millinery Style Book with Observations for the 21st Century – Hard Cover


Book Description

Destined to become a classic, an inspiring and insightful book which unites sage business advice from yesteryear with our 21st century reality along with a delightful business and millinery pictorial.

While the Victorian Era may be more known for delicate ladies and fainting couches, award winning millinery designer and
acclaimed speaker Cynthia Marek Lundeen reveals to us in exceptional prose and images the manner in which Victorian
and Edwardian business women addressed issues of time management, interest rates, working with suppliers and staff, as
well as conduct of a woman in a “man’s world”, all of which remain germane issues today. Pairing quotes and images
from historic trade journals and other sources the author brings worthy advice to the career woman of today.
The perennial question “Can You Have It All?” is addressed in a section which presents “A Tale of Two Milliners” comparing and contrasting the lives, loves, and careers of Coco Chanel and Lilly Dache. Both were born in the Victorian era, yet are thoroughly associated with modern times and led utterly fascinating and successful lives. This volume also reveals how millinery propelled the great designer Coco Chanel, also of Chanel No. 5 perfume fame, into a brand still known worldwide today for taste and quality.
Sections on stylish millinery for the 21st century adds the finishing touch to this book just as a well chosen and becoming hat provides the same for each lady as well as confidence to meet the day.
Surprising and entertaining yet with well researched facts, this pictorial volume has an appeal to those with an interest in
business, history, women’s studies as well as to fashionistas, fashion professionals and anyone who loves life. Hat designs for the business woman of today are shown along with historic and modern high style designs.
Based upon successful programs before live audiences, this book is a treat and sure to be a unique addition to any book collection.

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