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About Braughler Books

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Braughler Books offers book publishing services to authors from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio, across the United States, and to authors in international locations.

We care about you as an author – and strive to help you to publish a book that you’re proud of and will drive you to your goals. With backgrounds in photography, web design, book design, typography, not to mention decades of book cover design and interior layout experience, our team brings a multi-faceted approach to each author and title we publish.

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The staff at Braughler Books have a combined four decades of publishing experience, including 8 years as the Mighty Team at Braughler Books.
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We have worked with hundreds of authors and clients around the world!
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In just the past eight years, Braughler Books has published more than 280 titles.

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A Message from Our Founder

Why do I do what I do?

Because I like to help people. Really. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t hurt that I love books. Always have. Somewhere in a family photo album, there’s an old black and white photograph of me when I was about four years old, sitting in my rocking chair, with a big hard cover book open on my lap (and some curtains in the background with a truly frightening late 60’s pattern on them.) And a big smile on my face.

Over the last eleven years, I have had the privilege and opportunity to work alongside hundreds of authors, many first time, from all walks of life. I have collaborated on books including memoirs of growing up during World War II, to children’s books, to technical manuals, and even a book or two on diet and exercise.

David Braughler
David BraughlerPresident & CEO
Braughler Books LLC

As the owner and president of Braughler Books, I work with a team of dedicated and tremendously talented individuals to create books for our authors.

We’re vested in the process – and despite the old business axiom – we DO take it personally.

Because publishing is a personal journey for everyone, even if it’s a book to further their business. I’ve worked with authors who had tears in their eyes when they held their book for the first time (one who carried the book home, and as her husband glanced over to her in the passenger seat, realized she had it up towards her shoulder – like a newborn) to the ex-Marine who was very very quiet as he held his first book in his hands. Gone was the gruff push-push-push mindset, replaced by a personal moment.

Publishing one’s book can be a trying experience, and some never try again.

At Braughler Books, we hope to make a difference in the field of publishing, by taking care and working alongside each author, helping them understand the steps along the way, and leaving them with an appreciation and understanding of the process.  And a book they would be proud enough to show their mom.

A few words from our Mighty Team…

Our authors and their stories—and back stories—really make our work enjoyable.

We’ve worked with extremely vision-driven authors who truly challenge our creative abilities to those authors who want us to somehow parallel their story with the careful use of imagery. As a team, we enjoy that challenge—and the challenge of creating a book that once published, it even better than what the author envisioned.

One thing is for certain—no two titles are the same, and every day it’s something new. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Craig Ramsdell
Craig RamsdellLead Designer on Design Team of Seven Designers
Braughler Books LLC
Michele Stewart
Michele StewartAccounting Manager
Braughler Books LLC
Ryan Braughler
Ryan BraughlerInformation Technology Manager
Braughler Books LLC
Gary Ross
Gary RossAdvisory Board Member
Braughler Books LLC

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BookWorks is “a community dedicated to helping its members prepare, publish and promote their books, plus share what they learn and support one another.”

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The mission of the Independent Book Publishers Association is to “lead and serve the independent publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success.”

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Braughler Books has years of experience in providing clients with a variety of high-quality, personalized publishing services—and it shows!

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