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Book Publishing Services

Our Experience, Your Book’s Success

Braughler Books empowers new authors to make publishing decisions with intent & clarity, resulting in a finished book that is visually impactful and a pleasure to read. Self publishing can be a confusing, overwhelming and stressful experience—but it doesn’t have to be.

At Braughler Books, we have the experience and expertise to help advise and guide you through the self publishing process. It’s critical to ensure that the final look and feel of your book aligns well with why you wrote the book, and who you wrote the book for—two key questions our publishing advisors will ask you in your first contact with them.

Once we understand more about you, your goals for the book, and the intended audience, then we can begin to make suggestions on what is right for you—after all, it’s your book!

Hybrid Publishing

Braughler Books works one-on-one with authors to help them publish a high quality book, using a blend of traditional and digital printing methods, as well as electronic publishing and distribution. Whether your book will have a hard or soft cover, be coil-bound, or even be a small booklet, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring that your finished book speaks to your readers.

Distribution Services

Braughler Books offers independent authors and organizations a way to distribute their books online through the Braughler Books Store, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, among many other online retailers. We will help you determine the right retail price, sort through wholesale discounting if needed, and we’ll even handle order fulfillment for you! You focus on what you’re good at, while our team ships your books anywhere in the world.

Our Specialties

Children’s Publishing

We all can vividly recall the titles of those cherished stories we read over and over when we were young. They’re the books that are faded, torn, tattered, and ear-marked because they were so well-loved, perhaps even passed down through generations or back and forth among friends. Imagine being the author who creates such a treasured story for a little boy or girl. It’s the closest thing there is to being Santa Claus! It all starts with an idea. The next step is implementation. That’s where Braughler Books comes in.

Memoir Publishing

Creating a memoir is an opportunity to revisit poignant recollections of growing up, heading off to school, going off to war, or simply settling down to life. Each story is a rich tapestry of personal history that’s worth sharing. You may want to pen a memoir just for family and close friends. Or perhaps you’d like to create one for your “extended” family down at the local V.F.W. Hall. There’s no right or wrong audience for your memoir; what matters is that you write from the heart using your own voice. The experienced team at Braughler Books can help present your memories in a way that gives them the respect they deserve.

Business Publishing

Do you know your subject so well that others think you wrote the book on it? Maybe it’s time you did! Perhaps you’re a successful small business owner and you want to share your journey with other businesses in your industry.  We have worked closely with professional speakers, business coaches, and subject matter experts from a wide range of fields. With Braughler Books’ guidance and coaching, we’ll walk you through the process of taking that industry experience, that on-the-street knowledge, and publish it in book form.

Nonfiction Publishing

Do you wish to inspire or educate your readers on a certain topic? Perhaps through experience and/or research, you’ve become an expert on a specific topic and would like to enlighten others. You may have tips, suggestions, or guidelines in a certain area that you’re dying to impart. Nonfiction publishing is your chance to share your passion about a subject with readers everywhere. Though the journey can initially seem daunting, the expert guidance from the team at Braughler Books will transform any anxiety into eager anticipation.

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