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“David is clearly an expert in his space. His depth of knowledge, proactive/responsive approach and huge base of connections make him an incredibly valuable resource. I’m enthusiastic about recommending him as his range of capabilities yields a demonstrable positive return for his notable base. His talents are well worth any investment!” 

–Duane Plapp, Business Coach and Author of “Sales Without Selling.”


Business Book Publishing Services

Do you know your subject so well that others think you wrote the book on it? Maybe it’s time you did!

Perhaps you’re a successful small business owner and you want to share your journey with other businesses in your industry.  We have worked closely with professional speakers, business coaches, and subject matter experts from a wide range of fields. In many cases, the books published by our business book authors have become an extension of their personal brand or the identity of their business.  A well published book can become a great first impression to potential new clients – what better way to separate yourself from others than with a well written book, demonstrating your knowledge and the impact you can have on your prospects’ business?

With Braughler Books’ guidance and coaching, we’ll walk you through the process of taking that industry experience, that on-the-street knowledge, and publish it in book form. We will work with you to establish a budget, define goals, and create a finite timeline with milestones and deadlines. (And we’re not afraid to hold you accountable when we see that you are going to miss that next milestone.) If you have been nodding your head as you read this, then we should be talking – contact us today to get started!

  • Make a great first impression. Our custom cover layouts can incorporate your company logos, branding, and imagery. Your book is your voice – not someone else’s, so our work is custom to your book, not based on a generic template.

  • We’ll collaborate with you on the layout of the interior of your book. We pay particular attention to how you think your audience will want to read it. (Do you need bullet points and tables to make it a quick and easy read? Will you need stories to illustrate specific points?)

  • Want to include tables, graphs or photos? Not a problem. We’ll build those into the layout to help drive your points home with the reader.

  • Are you thinking about a potential journal or workbook to complement and build on the theme of your book? We’ve done those too.

  • Fast forward to having your book finished, printed and available for sale on your website – do you want to fulfill book orders? Do you have the staff to do that? We do.

  • Are you looking to make it available nationally or internationally through book distribution channels to reach bookstores, universities and retail outlets? We have relationships in place to help with that.

Business Book Publishing Package

  • Completely unique, custom interior and cover design. We’ll provide a layout that is designed with your target reader in mind, providing for an easy and enjoyable read
  • Professionally written back cover text to help promote your book with readers
  • Complimentary Paperback Author Copies
  • Includes creation of Kindle eBook, and listing on Amazon’s Kindle Store
  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Creation of Barcode, including Suggested Retail Price
  • Registration with Books In Print Database, providing worldwide availability
  • Library of Congress Control Number (Registered in your name)
  • Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors
  • Your own Publishing Advisor to work with and guide you through the publishing process, from manuscript files and illustrations to books for sale online
  • (Note: Actual final cost to publish a business book is dependent upon the condition of the manuscript, the condition and quantity of the illustrations, tables, charts and photos, and the specific services needed to turn your manuscript into the great looking book you envisioned. Package prices are provided as an estimate.)
  • (Editing services are available as needed, upon request. Contact Braughler Books for assistance and pricing.)

I published my books “Smash the Box” and “Rip Off the Rear View Mirror” with David and I am so pleased with the process. He has been professional, attentive and very helpful throughout the process. Anyone looking to write a book contact David.

— Chad Willet, Author of “SMASH the Box” and “Rip Off the Rear View Mirror

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