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You may have successfully launched your hardcopy and e-book, but you could be missing an opportunity.

According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, almost 20 percent of Americans listen to audiobooks, and this keeps increasing. Because the cost to convert an existing book into an audiobook is relatively low, the profit margin for audiobooks is on the higher side.

If you have published your book in hardcopy and e-book formats, your next step might be an audio version. Contact Braughler Books to help develop your audiobook strategy now!

Your Steps to Success

Cost to Produce

Audiobook production is the process by which your written book is narrated and recorded into an audiobook.

Here are the activities that drive the cost of producing your audiobook:

  1. Time to record the narration, including retakes. This can be outsourced or done yourself.
  2. Editing the narration file, including adding sound effects. Typically outsourced to an expert.
  3. Quality assurance check (listening back on the file to ensure it sounds as it should). This should also be outsourced due to the technical requirements involved, but you should also listen to the whole ebook yourself before finalizing it.


It is more common for authors who are non-fiction to do the narration themselves because the audience is expecting to hear a voice that is consistent with the author’s voice. But for non-fiction, it may make more sense to hire a professionally trained voice actor to help you. The Braughler Books team can help you with sourcing a professional narrator.

If you decide to narrate yourself, you will need a quiet place to do the recording. You will also need equipment and software – to record and then edit your audio files.

There are pros and cons to each option, but most authors end up teaming up with professional voice actors and editors to produce their audiobook – because they want compelling, consistent, and professional audio content, which can be extremely difficult for an independent, untrained author.

Promotional Strategies

You will most likely publish your audiobook on the Audible-owned site, the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). ACX is a marketplace for authors, agents, publishers, and rights holders to choose how to produce and distribute their audiobooks on major online retailers like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

ACX will host your audiobook files, the cover art, and online metadata for listeners to find the audiobook through online searches.

Additional Promotional ideas:

  • Launch Your Own Website
  • Start Your Own Blog
  • Create a Social Media Following

The Braughler Books team can help you figure all of this out and do it professionally.  Braughler Books has a host of experts and partners to assist with narration, editing, sound, and file production and uploads.

Audiobook Samples

Curious to hear the quality of our audiobooks? Click below to listen to an Author Narrated or Professional Voice Over Narrated Audiobook. Just imagine how good your audiobook will sound!

“Just Give Me the Road”

Written by Anne Romer. Audiobook narrated by the author. (Memoir sample.)

“The Growth Cube”

Written by Gary Ross. Audiobook narrated by the author. (Business sample.)

Audiobook Flat-Price Package Options

Included in each package: DIY – $1,799* PARTNER- $2,999*
Rental of audio equipment for your home or office use
Author training – we’ll train you in how to use the recording equipment
Professional voiceover talent recording of your book
Intro and Background Music
Professional production of final audio files, including post-production and upload to ACX
Author retains all rights to Audiobook
Your own Publishing Advisor to work with and guide you through the audiobook publishing process

(Estimated costs, based on a recording of a 250-page trade paperback book. Actual costs will be calculated based on your book.)


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