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Author Consultation Services

Simply looking for expertise as you publish your book?

How We Can Help You Tell Your Story

Are you confident in the choices you’ve made for editing, cover design and book printing, but wish you had someone experienced looking over your shoulder, pointing out potential risks or places you could save money publishing your book? Social media groups and hundreds of online videos have simplified some of the tasks of publishing your book yourself (“true” self publishing, or DIY publishing), but nearly all publishing efforts can benefit from an outside perspective.

That’s where our Author Consultations come into play. We can offer some of that expertise you might be seeking, particularly if you’re a first-time author. We’ll answer your questions and help you understand the information person-to-person, rather than person-to-search engine. And we’ll do our best to point out the questions you might not have thought of asking that could impact your book.

Potential discussion points can include:

  • Should I be publishing both a print AND an ebook?

  • How soon should I start marketing?

  • Should I buy my own ISBN or use the publisher’s?

  • It’s ok to use song lyrics in my book, if they set the stage for the story, as long as I credit the right band, isn’t it?

  • What’s print on demand?

  • Isn’t listing the book for sale on Amazon enough “marketing” to sell books?

  • What’s the average royalty percentage I should expect from my publisher? I hear that traditionally published authors make less than 10% per book – is that true?

“When I met David, and absorbed his publishing expertise and his personal dedication to my success, I wanted him on my publishing team. With David involved, I was able to save money by avoiding unneeded services, and with his company’s help, was able to offer a hard cover version of my book (something the publishing service I had chosen wasn’t able to offer).  Whenever I had question about layout or distribution, or felt like I might lose momentum, he was there.  David’s talent and commitment to his customers success is unwavering. David has become a friend, a confidant, a coach.  He is always available.  He will get you to the finish line with your book and you will be impressed with the results.”

 — Gary Ross, Author and CEO, The Growth Cube

Author Consultation Packages

Two Hour Call or Meeting

  • Two hour conference call or in person meeting (see comment below) to discuss and review your book.
  • Includes a brief written review of cover art or interior layout.
  • (In person availability only applies to Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus OH areas.)


  • Concierge level includes a bank of 12 hours, available for use over a 6 month period.
  • Hours can be used in person (Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus OH areas) or via conference call.
  • Can include review of any aspect of publishing your book, from initial layout and design through distribution.

One Hour Conference Call

  • One hour conference call to discuss your book and publishing journey.

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