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Are you confident in the choices you’ve made for editing, cover design and book printing, but wish you had someone experienced looking over your shoulder, pointing out potential risks or places you could save money publishing your book? Social media groups and hundreds of online videos have simplified some of the tasks of publishing your book yourself (“true” self publishing, or DIY publishing), but nearly all publishing efforts can benefit from an outside perspective.

Are you looking for guidance on topics such as:

  • Print on Demand?
  • ISBN’s?
  • Hiring Illustrators or Photographers?
  • Print Books vs. eBooks?

That’s where our Author Consultations come into play. We can offer some of that expertise you might be seeking, particularly if you’re a first-time author. We’ll answer your questions and help you understand the information person-to-person, rather than person-to-search engine. And we’ll do our best to point out the questions you might not have thought of asking that could impact your book.

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Book Publishing Services

Braughler Books empowers new authors to make publishing decisions with intent & clarity, resulting in a finished book that is visually impactful and a pleasure to read. Self publishing can be a confusing, overwhelming and stressful experience—but it doesn’t have to be.

At Braughler Books, we have the experience and expertise to help advise and guide you through the self publishing process. It’s critical to ensure that the final look and feel of your book aligns well with why you wrote the book, and who you wrote the book for—two key questions our publishing advisors will ask you in your first contact with them.

Once we understand more about you, your goals for the book, and the intended audience, then we can begin to make suggestions on what is right for you—after all, it’s your book!

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