Children’s Book Publishing Services

From books to be read with Grandma to middle grade readers, we have you covered

Children’s Book Publishing Services

We all can vividly recall the titles of those cherished stories we read over and over when we were young. They’re the books that are faded, torn, tattered, and ear-marked because they were so well-loved, perhaps even passed down through generations or back and forth among friends. Imagine being the author who creates such a treasured story for a little boy or girl. It’s the closest thing there is to being Santa Claus! It all starts with an idea. The next step is transforming that idea and your manuscript into a beautiful book. That’s where Braughler Books comes in.

“As a new author it was a daunting task to take my book, Beautiful ME, from concept to print. Braughler Books was a wonderful piece in that puzzle, working with me to ensure that final product was just how I envisioned it. David was always available via email, phone, or in person to see this project through.”

— Chioma Lindo, Author of “Beautiful ME”

“Publishing with Braughler Books was a no-brainer. David’s dedication to his clients, and their work, is evident in every book stamped with his company’s moniker. From preproduction to printing, David’s talented team shines. His years working in the industry provide clients with an inside edge from the very beginning. I’m proud to be a part of the Braughler Books family of authors. Thank you, David, for believing in a little story about a girl who loves Michigan’s Gem and the author who needed to tell her story.”

— Jen Tucker, Author of “A Visit to Mackinac Island”

Children's Book Publishing Package

  • Completely unique, custom interior and cover design, designed to complement your illustrations (if you require illustration services, please contact your Publishing Advisor for assistance and pricing)
  • Placement of up to 12 interior illustrations (includes scanning your original art if needed, at no additional charge, up to 11″ x 14″ in size.)
  • Professionally written back cover text to help promote your book with readers
  • Complimentary Paperback Author Copies
  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Creation of Barcode, including Suggested Retail Price
  • Registration with Books In Print Database, providing worldwide availability
  • Library of Congress Control Number (Registered in your name)
  • Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors
  • Your own Publishing Advisor to work with and guide you through the publishing process, from manuscript files and illustrations to books for sale online
  • (Note: Actual final cost to publish a children’s book is dependent upon the condition of the manuscript, the condition and quantity of the illustrations or photos, and the specific services needed to turn your manuscript into the beautiful book you envisioned. Package prices are provided as an estimate.)
  • (Editing services are available as needed, upon request. Contact Braughler Books for assistance and pricing.)

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