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Publishing with Braughler Books was a no-brainer. David’s dedication to his clients, and their work, is evident in every book stamped with his company’s moniker. From preproduction to printing, David’s talented team shines. His years working in the industry provide clients with an inside edge from the very beginning. I’m proud to be a part of the Braughler Books family of authors. Thank you, David, for believing in a little story about a girl who loves Michigan’s Gem and the author who needed to tell her story.

Jen Tucker A Visit to Mackinac Island Book Publishing March 10, 2017

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Braughler Books took all of the stress out of creating our school agenda. The thought of organizing over 100 students to collaboratively  create one product was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Luckily,
David was patient and happy to work with inexperienced students. He created a custom PowerPoint to explain the process of creating agenda pages. He even covered cut lines, bleed lines and the safe area so
nothing would be cut off on their Week-At-A-Glance pages. I cannot think of a more dedicated individual than David Braughler, whose purpose is providing an educational experience for students. His
commitment to providing a quality product was as important as his desire to help my students understand how to create an agenda that met their daily needs.

Pat Murakami, Dayton Regional STEM School Student Agendas Book Publishing March 10, 2017

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It is most unusual that a business relationship turns into a friendship. But this is exactly what happened dealing with David of Braughler Books. His professionalism made the publication of my somewhat difficult book a rather pleasant and successful undertaking.

Robert B. Kahn The Hard Road of Dreams: Remembering Not to Forget Book Publishing March 10, 2017

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David, Now that my book has been published, I want to commend you on all aspects of the process from our first meeting in May to the release in November. You were extremely clear about what I needed to do to make the book a success and you did everything you promised and more. I was extremely impressed by the promptness of your responses to my questions including your doing so during at least two evenings.

The final product is of the highest quality and every bookstore that carries the book has commented upon the quality and appearance of the book. I could not be happier or more proud of the book. You were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend you and Braughler Books to both first time and seasoned authors.

Robert W. Martin, Jr. Cincinnati Railroad Club Book Publishing December 24, 2016

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Braughler Books was instrumental in making our first book publication, Homeward Bound, a huge success. They made the process from start to finish smoother than I would ever have imagined. David Braughler and crew were a pleasure to work with, and I strongly recommend them to other storytellers for their publications.

Dan Dressman Executive Director, Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati Book Publishing December 24, 2016

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I have been very impressed with the services you provided me with your company, Braughler Books. It has been a wonderful experience to have you guide me through the process with patience and expertise. Thank you for assisting with a book that took many years to write and illustrate. I am so proud of the final result of the many efforts and hopes invested in The Dying Teach Us How to Live.

Patricia Acker Author of “The Dying Teach Us How to Live” Book Publishing July 20, 2016

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When David handed me my book last night, I was stunned! His artistry now rivals the major houses in London and New York. David has rightfully assumed his place as an independent publisher of the highest quality. Prospective clients can place their work in his hands with full confidence that their finished product will exceed their fondest expectations.

Sarah Seymour-Winfield Author of "One Little Life" Book Publishing February 27, 2016

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David Braughler did an outstanding job of managing the book project and coordinating all the efforts of his team. I always knew that if he promised me something by a certain date, I would receive it that day. It might be early in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, or it might even be at 11:59 pm. But David always followed through on his promises. Overall, David Braughler and his team did an outstanding job providing me with my Sunset Sky romance novel on time and within the budget while providing me with exactly what I was looking for. For that, I will always be grateful to David Braughler and Braughler Books.

Jim Hastings Author of "Sunset Sky" Book Publishing November 26, 2015

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David was extremely patient with me, a first time author. He understood my wants and needs and did everything I asked of him to get the results I envisioned. I feel he did more than his share of work to accommodate my requests. At no time did he treat me as the demanding and inexperienced client that I was. Thanks David!

Larry Watson Author of “Rough Pieces: The Treasure Map of a Cancer Survivor’s Story” Book Publishing June 12, 2015

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David helped my Australia partners overcome logistics challenges to produce and ship internationally a training kit that includes 3 books and a set of CD's. Each order requires customization and special fulfilment requirements.

After this successful and on-going project, it was a no-brainer to work with David on publishing my own book. His service was excellent and the book was ready 5 days ahead of schedule. David is not only easy and fun to work with, he gives professional service and doesn't nickel and dime his clients.

Clancy Cross Author of “Professionalism from A to Z: 26 Qualities of a Career Minded Person” Book Publishing June 12, 2015

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David has been an excellent advisor and consultant on my book The Legendary Tales of Sharktooth and Hammer. David's expertise in the publishing business has been invaluable in not only bringing my book from manuscript to a polished, published work, but also as a business and marketing consultant. His work ethic is exemplary- not settling for "good enough" but striving for perfection (or pretty close to it). He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every aspect of the project was completed on time and went out of his way to deliver beyond my expectations.

Carolyn C. Bass Author of “The Legendary Tales of Sharktooth and Hammer” Book Publishing June 12, 2015

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David is an exceptionally likable person, who manages to make you feel at ease during the 'delicate' process of getting a book published. A great listener, David knows JUST how to allay your fears with his seasoned expertise and confidence. It's also comforting to know that David truly enjoys what he does; his enthusiasm becomes downright infectious after a while! For anyone looking to get a book published, printed, and SOLD, I give David Braughler my highest recommendation.

David Allison Writer and Creative Consultant, David Allison Concepts Book Publishing June 12, 2015

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I published my book "Smash the Box" with David and I am so pleased with the process. He has been professional, attentive and very helpful throughout the process. Anyone looking to write a book contact David.


Chad J Willett Author of “Smash the Box!” Book Publishing June 12, 2015

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Hi David,

I wanted to thank you again for speaking to my memoir writing class last Fall and again this Spring about the Self Publishing industry. Your lively presentation was both enjoyable and very informative. We all learned a great deal about Self Publishing in general, and in particular, how you have helped many writers get their work into print. The sample books you passed around, two of which were the work of Sinclair students, impressed us all with their fine quality and design. I know from talking to these authors that they enjoyed their experience working with you and were very pleased with their books.

After your most recent visit to my class, several students told me that your presentation had inspired them to finish up their writing projects and take the next step into self publishing. I am delighted that their wonderful life stories may one day grace the bookshelves of friends, family and perhaps the public at-large.

Again, many thanks for showing my students what is possible!

Susan Kelleher Sinclair Community College - College for Lifelong Learning Book Publishing June 11, 2015

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After twenty years of intensive work followed by twelve months of frustration gathering permissions and dealing with apparently disinterested people, I Googled in sheer desperation, "Book Printers Dayton," and stumbled upon the name David Braughler. His first email to me inspired such instant confidence and trust that I knew our relationship was no mere accident, but rather the sheer grace of God. He offers not only consummate expertise, a wide variety of services, and practical affordability, but also offers those sincere interpersonal moments so difficult to find in the contemporary business world.

Sarah Seymour-Winfield Author of Images Old and New Book Publishing June 11, 2015

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I want to publicly acknowledge David Braughler for his expert ability to help bring my dream of creating a book to life. David coached me thru the entire publishing process and I am extremely proud of the book we were able to produce. David was attuned to the details that were important to me and willingly took some risks with design elements that really paid off in the end product. I give my highest commendations to David Braughler - he helped with editing, book cover design, page layout, book marks, and website creation; as well as being a man of integrity.

Kristi Smith Author of DREAM...A Guide to Grieving Gracefully Book Publishing June 11, 2015

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