Honesty and Dependability

Honesty and dependability are the two words that come to mind about Braughler Books. David was honest with me about the cost to print my book. And he kept every meeting we had scheduled, arriving on time or before the scheduled meeting. David has been a pleasure to do business with and a pleasure to know.

Margaret Sutton
The Sky is Blue: A diary of living and teaching in Harbin, China

I am so grateful

I am so grateful to David and his team at Braughler Books for seeing my vision for “Let it Flow: A Journal to Guide You on Your Breastfeeding Journey” and making it a reality! As a busy mom of three young children, I didn’t have time to figure out how to self-publish on KDP. Plus, given that my book is a journal, I needed to ensure the paper stock could sustain handwritten notes. David and his team helped me through every step of the process. Their designers presented so many beautiful cover options, it took me weeks to choose! The quality of my journal is also gorgeous, with a very tactile cover – something that was very important to me. Being a new mom can be very grueling and lonely. I wanted readers to have something lovely to touch and interact with as they navigate life feeding a baby. Thank you so much, Braughler Books!

Emily L. Kendall
Let it Flow: A Journal to Guide You on Your Breastfeeding Journey


My experience with Braughler Books was absolutely incredible. From start to finish, David and his staff handled my book with dedication, care and white glove service.

Because this was my first time publishing, Braughler Books made additional efforts to ensure that I understood each step of the process. They guided me through the tedious steps and allowed me full creative control of the photos, content and cover. That said, David did an excellent job of informing me what would and wouldn’t work and he was always just an e-mail or text away.

When the first proof came in not up to his standards, he found additional resources and helped me create a high quality, full color coffee table book I am proud of. He even waived some additional costs and helped me better understand book printing in general.

Additionally, I developed a genuine rapport with David and always felt like I was the only client when he was working with me.

I have no doubt that my next two books will be with Braughler Books.

Michelle Terry

Little Blue’s Catch

Since I didn’t know a thing about publishing and didn’t know of a good publisher, I was referred to Braughler Books. After I emailed David Braughler, he replied quickly, set up a meeting and gave me some homework of gathering a few children’s books. David needed to see what I envisioned for my printed book.

David made me feel comfortable at our first meeting as he presented copies of his company’s published, children’s books as samples. My questions and concerns were answered in a professional manner which really put me at ease.

After I signed a contract to go to print, the design of my digital images and text began. When I looked at the initial layout concepts for the pages, I experienced a struggle to reconcile larger proportions of my book with good design. David responded to a weekend call to calmly listen to my artistic crisis, plea and correction. Yes, David does work on the weekends! His responsiveness and solution to my request was to find another printing company that could print in a slightly larger format.

I enjoyed working with David because of his responsiveness and professionalism. He knows the publishing business well. My first published book is of fine quality. David is detail oriented too. His company inspected hundreds of my books, straight from the printer for quality control, before he delivered the copies to me. I look forward to having Braughler Books publish my second children’s book in the near future.

Amy Roy
Little Blue's Catch

Echo Selling

As an author with experience working with both a “regular” publishing company and self-publishers I have found Braughler’s hybrid publishing services to be excellent! David Braughler and his team are very knowledgeable and professional and extremely helpful. I will definitely use them for my next book and I would recommend Braughler to all new authors.

Steve Bookbinder
Echo Selling

Heart of Aquilia

As a first time writer, I am very lucky to have published my first book with Braughler Books. Throughout the entire process, David Braughler was extremely helpful and encouraging. He provided me with an amazing editor and has given me many tips to promote my published book. I would recommend Braughler Books to any new or already existing authors. David is very knowledgeable in the publishing industry and a great guide for new authors.

V.B. Lou
Heart of Aquilia

Love to be Loved

Braughler books published my first children’s book and I am so grateful to him for everything. I was new to the industry and had never written a book before. He took the time to answer all of my hundreds of questions and gave me so much advice. He was with me along the whole process, from showing him my first draft, all the way up to now. My experience with Braughler books has been invaluable to me as a writer and a first time author. He is incredibly helpful, smart, an expert in his craft, encouraging, thorough, and your cheerleader along the way. I couldn’t have done it without him! 10/10 recommend!

Emma Maiorana
Love to be Loved

“Fly With Me: One Woman’s Leap Into a Life of Love and Joy”

David knows this industry inside and out. He gives the facts from several points of view in order for the author to make an informed choice. Every author has their own goals and David has the knowledge and patience to get us there! I loved his straightforwardness in our business relationship and his willingness to share insider know-how.

Teresa Martin
Fly With Me: One Woman's Leap Into a Life of Love and Joy

See? Living Blind in a Sighted World

Braughler Books, LLC produced a wonderful presentation of my book titled See? Living Blind in a Sighted World of which I am very proud.  I am most appreciative of David’s valuable support from his initial, eager, heartwarming acceptance of my manuscript to publishing of See?; including it for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other booksellers; and registering it with the Library of Congress.  He also referred me to Nancy LaFever, an editor with whom I established an excellent rapport while she assisted me in revising the manuscript.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sandra Fortier
"See? Living Blind in a Sighted World"


Excellent experience working with David at Braughler Books, would highly recommend this publisher. Experienced, attentive, knowledgeable! – Linda McCoy, Illustrator

Braughler Books was the perfect hybrid publisher for Wonder, a book that was a collaboration. David Braughler and his team are fantastic. They helped us every step of the way, and paid attention to every detail. Even now, when we have questions, David is responsive and helpful. My experience publishing with Braughler Books has been wonderful. – Rebecca Case, Author

Rebecca Case & Linda McCoy

A Life Postpartum

I chose to publish my first book through Braughler Books because they offer the advantages of a larger publisher while allowing each writer to maintain all creative rights. From start to finish, I was able to have the final say on all design and content decisions. Unlike self-publishing, the Braughler Book hybrid method makes the publishing process EASY and simple! Yes, it’s possible! The initial cost for publication is reasonable. I spoke with other small publishing companies who wanted $12k+ upfront for a sub-par quality book. With Braughler Books, you are paying an affordable price for a high-quality product. Unlike with large publishers, authors are able to take home much more money per book sold. It’s a great system, the best of big publishing with the quality of a small, privately-owned local business.

Lisa Hardwick
"A Life Postpartum: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression"

The Process of Cultural Competemility in The Delivery of Healthcare Services: Unremitting Encounters


The Process of Cultural Competemility in The Delivery of Healthcare Services: Unremitting Encounters,” published by Braughler Books, is the 6th edition of this book. As I look back at the previous 5 editions of this book, which were not published by Braughler Books, I immediately saw how the quality and final product published by Braughler Books outdistanced these previous editions. Needless to say, I will be having my 7th edition published by Braughler Books. As a healthcare professional who has published extensively in refereed and scholarly journals, I wanted my book to reflect a polished and professional look. Braughler Books was able to deliver that professional product. David worked diligently and patiently with me as we made sure the American Psychological Association guidelines (the standard writing style for many behavioral and social sciences) were followed to the “T.” The most impressive part of the publishing process with David is his consistent and continuous communication throughout the entire process. I felt listened to and always felt he was readily available and genuinely willing to take my calls. As a person who tends to be on the “perfectionist” side, I found the quality of Braughler Books to exceed my expectations…something that seemed impossible for a perfectionist. Thank you, David.

Josepha Campinha-Bacote, PhD
“The Process of Cultural Competemility in The Delivery of Healthcare Services: Unremitting Encounters”

The folks at Braughler Books Publishing

The folks at Braughler Books Publishing are tremendous professionals. Their insights into the world of publishing helped take a great deal of stress away from me, so I could focus on other aspects of my product. I loved partnering with them and appreciated the step- by-step approach in making my work come to market.

William Klein
Spirit Beat
"Rising on the Road to Freedom"

Just Give Me the Road

Writing and ultimately publishing a book can be daunting. After much frustration in trying to enter the traditional publishing world, I came upon Braughler Books. David Braughler made the realization of my book not only possible, he was also encouraging and competent in leading me through the process. I can say I am the author of my first published book, Just Give Me the Road. I am grateful for David’s direction and expertise. I would highly recommend Braughler Books to anyone who wishes to see their book dream come true!

Anne Romer
"Just Give Me the Road"

Under the Mulberry Tree

In working with Dave Braughler himself from Braughler Books he made my hopes of the “book I was meant to write” come to full beautiful fruition. I tell you, I was worked with above and beyond as my passion for the book was clearly shared by Braughler Books and Dave’s one on one 24/7 attention was a remarkable thing to have during such an endeavor. He made the whole process so easy and the pricing…unbeatable-and stayed with me through every step to a wonderful finished book. I could not possibly be happier. I have other works and I would trust my writing to no one else. Thanks so much to Dave and Braughler Books!! Y’all rock!!!

Pamela Scholes
"Under the Mulberry Tree"

Send Me Lilies

Braughler Books was absolutely amazing! They were flexible about my budget, and were with me every step of the day. Because of them, I was able to accomplish my dream and publish!

Sarah Hecker
"Send Me Lilies"

The Long Game

I had never written a book before so was completely naïve on all the steps needed. David worked with me to find an editor, develop a front cover, and all the steps to get my book published. I would highly recommend Braughler Books to anyone who wants to work in partnership with a publisher and know when it is done they will be pleased with the results.

Rod Moore
"The Long Game"

James Maynard

My book, For Honor and Love, was my first historical novel. I could not be more pleased with the warm, friendly, and professional help from David Braughler and his staff. Being a hybrid publisher they can offer full publishing and or self-publishing services. They provided knowledge of the publishing process, personal and helpful suggestions but not overbearing, an excellent quality finished book designed and formatted in the best traditions of the industry. A five-star experience in every respect.

James Maynard
"For Honor and Love"

Braughler Books has been an amazing company

Braughler Books has been an amazing company to work with. Being 17, not a lot of people had faith in me and my writing (other than my family of course!). Braughler Books gave me a chance and helped me make my dreams come true. They were able to get me into touch with the people I needed and have given me all the information I required in order to get my book into the hands of hundreds of people. My life long dream has always been to change lives, and Braughler Books has helped me reach and surpass my goal.

Isabel Tilton
Ember's Dragons

Joanne Yeck

Sound, experienced advice. Realistic timelines. Speedy, personalized response. Flexible. Innovative. These are all hallmarks of Braughler Books and qualities I value highly in a publishing partner.  As a hybrid author looking back over nearly forty years of experience in both traditional and self-publishing, my association with David Braughler and Braughler Books stands out as one of the most rewarding.

Joanne Yeck, Slate River Press
"Peter Field Jefferson and The Lost Jeffersons"

Terry Sykes-Bradshaw

Writing my book, Finding Maggie, was actually the easy part of my publishing experience. Getting Maggie from my computer and into print was a much more overwhelming prospect. I could compare my experience with David Braughler and Braughler Books to driving a sleek, fast Maserati rather than galumphing along in a beat up jalopy as I had done in the past. David’s knowledge and hands-on approach made everything run as smoothly as that Maserati. He hires the best people for his team and the result is a truly professional product. From cover design to editing to pricing to battling the Amazon giant, David does it all. He even guided me through the process of re-issuing my first two books, The Awful Truth About Dead Men and Sibling Revelry. I highly recommend David Braughler and Braughler Books to anyone seeking to see her or his book in print. Thanks, David, “You da Man!”

Terry Sykes-Bradshaw
"Finding Maggie"

Elayne Clift

Having worked with several publishers over many years I can honestly say that Braughler Books ranks up there with the best!  David Braughler has been a wonderful partner for my most recent work. He is committed to quality products and works closely with authors in assuring that books that bear the Braughler imprint make us proud.  I have truly appreciated his partnership, integrity, and responsiveness. I can’t recommend Braughler Books highly enough!

Elayne Clift
"Take Care: tales, tips and love from women caregivers"

Marian James

After pouring your heart and soul into your novel, publishing it can make you feel both exposed and vulnerable…like standing naked in front of a room of strangers. David of Braughler Books is not only a knowledgeable and expert coach through the process; his own creative background makes him a responsive, encouraging and positive partner. The end result: a professional, high quality product to be proud of.

Marian James
"Deadly Disruption"

Trudie Seybold

I am excited about the publishing of my book,  “Memories of Forest View Gardens.” A super and outstanding publication. Thanks to David Braughler and Braughler Books.

Trudie Seybold
"Memories of Forest View Gardens"

Chioma Lindo

As a new author it was a daunting task to take my book, Beautiful ME, from concept to print. Braughler Books was a wonderful piece in that puzzle, working with me to ensure that final product was just how I envisioned it. David was always available via email, phone, or in person to see this project through.

Chioma Lindo
"Beautiful ME"

Duane Plapp

David is clearly an expert in his space. His depth of knowledge, proactive/responsive approach and huge base of connections make him an incredibly valuable resource. I’m enthusiastic about recommending him as his range of capabilities yields a demonstrable positive return for his notable base. David’s talent is unparalleled and so useful! He worked hard with me to create a superior book on referral marketing that was creative and thoughtful. His talents are well worth any investment!
Duane Plapp
"Sales Without Selling"

Elaine Latten

David Braughler and Braughler Books were referred to me by the USC & Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in South Carolina. After my first conversation with David, I knew found the right person to help me publish my book. David was extremely thorough in explaining how publishing works and what I should expect from his company. He believed in my goals and what I was trying to accomplish, which is most important especially for a first-time author. The process was very detailed and concise. David told me he would be available throughout the entire process and he was.  He provided me with a wealth of information about publishing, editing, and marketing my book. When I saw the cover of my book, I knew I made the right choice with Braughler books. I could not have asked for a better person and publishing company to work with than Braughler Books. What a great experience! I am looking forward to working with David and Braughler books on another project. I would highly recommend Braughler Books.

Elaine Latten
"Marguerite's Story"

Sarah Seymour-Winfield

After twenty years of intensive work followed by twelve months of frustration gathering permissions and dealing with apparently disinterested people, I Googled in sheer desperation, “Book Printers Dayton,” and stumbled upon the name David Braughler. His first email to me inspired such instant confidence and trust that I knew our relationship was no mere accident, but rather the sheer grace of God. He offers not only consummate expertise, a wide variety of services, and practical affordability, but also offers those sincere interpersonal moments so difficult to find in the contemporary business world.

Sarah Seymour-Winfield
"Images Old and New"

Jen Tucker

Publishing with Braughler Books was a no-brainer. David’s dedication to his clients, and their work, is evident in every book stamped with his company’s moniker. From preproduction to printing, David’s talented team shines. His years working in the industry provide clients with an inside edge from the very beginning. I’m proud to be a part of the Braughler Books family of authors. Thank you, David, for believing in a little story about a girl who loves Michigan’s Gem and the author who needed to tell her story.

Jen Tucker
"A Visit to Mackinac Island"

Susan Kelleher

I wanted to thank you again for speaking to my memoir writing class last Fall and again this Spring about the Self Publishing industry. Your lively presentation was both enjoyable and very informative. We all learned a great deal about Self Publishing in general, and in particular, how you have helped many writers get their work into print. The sample books you passed around, two of which were the work of Sinclair students, impressed us all with their fine quality and design. I know from talking to these authors that they enjoyed their experience working with you and were very pleased with their books.

After your most recent visit to my class, several students told me that your presentation had inspired them to finish up their writing projects and take the next step into self publishing. I am delighted that their wonderful life stories may one day grace the bookshelves of friends, family and perhaps the public at-large.

Again, many thanks for showing my students what is possible!

Susan Kelleher
Sinclair Community College - College for Lifelong Learning

Chad J. Willett

I published my book “Smash the Box” with David and I am so pleased with the process. He has been professional, attentive and very helpful throughout the process. Anyone looking to write a book contact David.

Chad J. Willett
"Smash the Box!" and "Rip Off the Rearview Mirror"

David Allison

David is an exceptionally likable person, who manages to make you feel at ease during the ‘delicate’ process of getting a book published. A great listener, David knows JUST how to allay your fears with his seasoned expertise and confidence. It’s also comforting to know that David truly enjoys what he does; his enthusiasm becomes downright infectious after a while! For anyone looking to get a book published, printed, and SOLD, I give David Braughler my highest recommendation.

David Allison
David Allison Concepts

Carolyn C. Bass

David has been an excellent advisor and consultant on my book The Legendary Tales of Sharktooth and Hammer. David’s expertise in the publishing business has been invaluable in not only bringing my book from manuscript to a polished, published work, but also as a business and marketing consultant. His work ethic is exemplary- not settling for “good enough” but striving for perfection (or pretty close to it). He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every aspect of the project was completed on time and went out of his way to deliver beyond my expectations.

Carolyn C. Bass
"The Legendary Tales of Sharktooth and Hammer"

Clancy Cross

David helped my Australia partners overcome logistics challenges to produce and ship internationally a training kit that includes 3 books and a set of CD’s. Each order requires customization and special fulfilment requirements.

After this successful and on-going project, it was a no-brainer to work with David on publishing my own book. His service was excellent and the book was ready 5 days ahead of schedule. David is not only easy and fun to work with, he gives professional service and doesn’t nickel and dime his clients.

Clancy Cross
"Professionalism from A to Z: 26 Qualities of a Career Minded Person"

Larry Watson

David was extremely patient with me, a first time author. He understood my wants and needs and did everything I asked of him to get the results I envisioned. I feel he did more than his share of work to accommodate my requests. At no time did he treat me as the demanding and inexperienced client that I was. Thanks David!

Larry Watson
"Rough Pieces: The Treasure Map of a Cancer Survivor’s Story"

Jim Hastings

David Braughler did an outstanding job of managing the book project and coordinating all the efforts of his team. I always knew that if he promised me something by a certain date, I would receive it that day. It might be early in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, or it might even be at 11:59 pm. But David always followed through on his promises. Overall, David Braughler and his team did an outstanding job providing me with my Sunset Sky romance novel on time and within the budget while providing me with exactly what I was looking for. For that, I will always be grateful to David Braughler and Braughler Books.

Jim Hastings
"Sunset Sky"

Sarah Seymour-Winfield

When David handed me my book last night, I was stunned! His artistry now rivals the major houses in London and New York. David has rightfully assumed his place as an independent publisher of the highest quality. Prospective clients can place their work in his hands with full confidence that their finished product will exceed their fondest expectations.

Sarah Seymour-Winfield
"One Little Life"

Dan Dressman

Braughler Books was instrumental in making our first book publication, Homeward Bound, a huge success. They made the process from start to finish smoother than I would ever have imagined. David Braughler and crew were a pleasure to work with, and I strongly recommend them to other storytellers for their publications.

Dan Dressman
Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati

Robert W. Martin, Jr.

David, Now that my book has been published, I want to commend you on all aspects of the process from our first meeting in May to the release in November. You were extremely clear about what I needed to do to make the book a success and you did everything you promised and more. I was extremely impressed by the promptness of your responses to my questions including your doing so during at least two evenings.

The final product is of the highest quality and every bookstore that carries the book has commented upon the quality and appearance of the book. I could not be happier or more proud of the book. You were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend you and Braughler Books to both first time and seasoned authors.

Robert W. Martin, Jr.
Cincinnati Railroad Club

Pat Murakami

Braughler Books took all of the stress out of creating our school agenda. The thought of organizing over 100 students to collaboratively create one product was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Luckily, David was patient and happy to work with inexperienced students. He created a custom PowerPoint to explain the process of creating agenda pages. He even covered cut lines, bleed lines and the safe area so nothing would be cut off on their Week-At-A-Glance pages. I cannot think of a more dedicated individual than David Braughler, whose purpose is providing an educational experience for students. His commitment to providing a quality product was as important as his desire to help my students understand how to create an agenda that met their daily needs.

Pat Murakami
Dayton Regional STEM School
Student Agendas

Robert B. Kahn

It is most unusual that a business relationship turns into a friendship. But this is exactly what happened dealing with David of Braughler Books. His professionalism made the publication of my somewhat difficult book a rather pleasant and successful undertaking.

Robert B. Kahn
"The Hard Road of Dreams: Remembering Not to Forget"

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