Memoir Publishing Services

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"It is most unusual that a business relationship turns into a friendship. But this is exactly what happened dealing with David of Braughler Books. His professionalism made the publication of my somewhat difficult book a rather pleasant and successful undertaking."

— Robert B. Kahn, Author of "Hard Road of Dreams: Remembering Not to Forget"

Memoir Publishing Services

There are those moving stories deep within us that are burning to be told. The ones that keep us awake at night, the words nipping at our brains and tugging at our hearts, begging to be shared. Often we roll over, stuff a pillow over our heads, and beg the universe for some shut-eye. But what if instead of pulling away from this urge, we stepped towards the challenge, picked up a pen, and jotted down some notes? If a story is burning inside you, letting it out will prove to be fruitful, fulfilling, and freeing!

Creating a memoir is an opportunity to revisit poignant recollections of growing up, heading off to school, going off to war, or simply settling down to life. Each story is a rich tapestry of personal history that’s worth sharing. You may want to pen a memoir just for family and close friends. Or perhaps you’d like to create one for your “extended” family down at the local V.F.W. Hall. There’s no right or wrong audience for your memoir; what matters is that you write from the heart using your own voice. The experienced team at Braughler Books can help present your memories in a way that gives them the respect they deserve.

  • Letters, old photos, even postcards can be included in the layout of your book. We'll advise you on how to get those scanned, or we can take care of that for you.

  • Black and white interior? Color? We can do either, and we'll help you understand the impact on the cost of your book.

  • Hard cover or soft cover, rectangular or square, each available in several different sizes; we can help you make the right decisions for your book.

  • We never use cover templates - we'll work with you to create a unique cover that ties directly to your story.

  • Looking to make your memoir available to others who might be interested, or have similar experiences or recollections of that time? We can list your book with the major online retailers, and help you with fulfillment of those orders. No matter if your readers are located in the U.S. or overseas, we can help you help you send your book on it's way.

  • Unsure of how to price your book? We will explain the wholesale and retail selling process, to ensure you don't underprice your book.

  • When publishing with Braughler Books, you will always own the rights to your book - after all, it's your story!

"David believed in my goals and what I was trying to accomplish, which is most important especially for a first-time author. The process was very detailed and concise. David told me he would be available throughout the entire process and he was. When I saw the cover of my book, I knew I made the right choice with Braughler books. I could not have asked for a better person and publishing company to work with than Braughler Books. What a great experience!"

— Elaine Latten, Author of "Marguerite's Story"

Memoir Publishing Package

  • Completely unique, custom interior and cover design, designed to have your story and up to 30 photographs complement each other and provide for an enjoyable read
  • Placement of up to 20 black and white or color photographs (High resolution scanning services available if needed, at $.85/scan, up to 11" x 14" in size.)
  • Professionally written back cover text to help promote your book with readers
  • Complimentary Paperback Author Copies
  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Creation of Barcode, including Suggested Retail Price
  • Registration with Books In Print Database, providing worldwide availability
  • Library of Congress Control Number (Registered in your name)
  • Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors
  • Your own Publishing Advisor to work with and guide you through the publishing process, from manuscript files and illustrations to books for sale online
  • (Note: Actual final cost to publish a memoir is dependent upon the condition of the manuscript, the condition and quantity of the artwork or photos, and the specific services needed to turn your manuscript into the beautiful book you envisioned. Package prices are provided as an estimate.)
  • (Editing services are available as needed, upon request. Contact Braughler Books for assistance and pricing.)

"I am excited about the publishing of my book,  "Memories of Forest View Gardens." A super and outstanding publication. Thanks to David Braughler and Braughler Books."

— Trudie Seybold, Author of "Memories of Forest View Gardens"

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